SnapMap Glossary

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The Activator is the player or AI that sends a signal down a logic chain. 


AI Combat Point

Demons following an AI Combat path will move to the last combat point and defend it. You can't stop here, this is demon country!

AI Conductor - Classic

The Classic AI Conductor will auto-populate a linear level with increasingly difficult demon encounters that do not respawn behind you.

AI Conductor - Survival

The Survival AI Conductor will spawn an increasingly difficult onslaught of demons until every player is dead.

AI Path Point

Demons following an AI Path will move from point to point until they reach the end point or are interrupted.

AI Proxy

The AI Proxy is used to apply inputs or gather outputs from demons in your map.


2D Speaker

The 2D Speaker broadcasts sound everywhere. There is no escaping!

3D Speaker

The 3D Speaker emits positional sounds from locations inside your map.

Facility Voice Speaker

The Facility Voice Speaker plays words and phrases. It's the best way to hear voices in your head.


The Music object can control the sweet jams you want players to hear in your map. It's Radio UAC and you are the DJ.


The Roomtone object sets ambient sounds within the module.

VEGA Speaker

The VEGA Speaker plays words and phrases. It's the best way to hear voices in your head.



The World Text object is used to communicate messages to players with text that floats in world space.


The Message object is used to send messages directly to a player's HUD.


The Callout object can inform players of game events with pre-defined combinations of HUD messages and audio.


The HUD Settings allow for customization of the player's HUD during gameplay. Remember to activate it once you've changed settings!


The POI Settings object defines the color, shape and look for point of interest icons.


The Objective controls HUD text, icons, or progress bars to help direct players to their goals.


All Demons in this category share the same inputs and outputs


Possessed Workers are created in a Lazarus Wave event, a phenomenon discovered during Dr. Olivia Pierce's Lazarus Project research operation.


Posthumous brain activity in Possessed Scientists is limited to primal behavior. They will stand dormant until presented with a live food source.


Possessed Engineers are created when an appropriate explosive material is readily available. They exhibit self-destructive behavior.


Imps, ferocious and agile demons, are found all over Hell and are often used on the front line during concerted attacks in both dimensions.


Lost Souls are found wandering aimlessly within the temples of Hell as they search for a host to inhabit.


The Hell Razer is an astute and tactical foe that will engage enemies from a distance with a fierce beam of unrefined Hell energy.


Some Lazarus Wave victims continue to display tactical cognizance posthumously. Combat-trained individuals will become enemy combatants.


Possessed Security units exhibit complex battle strategies, including use of a mobile shield and ability to fire while in defilade.


The Cacodemon is a monstrous psionic demon driven by the desire to feed. It displays limited intelligence, but makes for an intimidating enemy.


The Hell Knight is a towering brute bred for combat deep in the bowels of Hell.


The Mancubus is a lumbering behemoth demon. A foul odor accompanies its presence, a stench that can be overwhelming if inhaled directly.


The Mancubus strain of demon has been manipulated by a team of biogeneticists led by Dr. Pierce herself.


These demonic animals were colloquially named Pinkies when first discovered by the Lazarus Project's Tethering Operation.


The Spectre is the unfortunate result of an attempt to genetically modify the Pinky. There are no known behavioral differences from the Pinky.


Revenants are UAC operatives that have been transformed through cybernetic augmentation and repeated Lazarus Wave exposure.


The Baron of Hell is the highest demon among the order of the Hell Knights.


All Exploders in this category share the same inputs and outputs.


A C4 explosive that detonates when shot and gets a little tetchy when you look at it funny.

Classic Barrel

This minimally reinforced barrel explodes at the slightest hint of damage.

Plasma Barrel

This barrel explodes when damaged, spilling hot plasma everywhere.

Radiation Barrel

This barrel explodes when damaged, spilling radioactive goo. You probably shouldn't eat the goo.

UAC Barrel

The highest UAC safety standards were followed in the manufacturing of this barrel.



The Player Iterator can be used to perform actions on all players in the map.


The Team Iterator can be used to perform actions on all teams in the map.


The AI Iterator can be used to perform actions on all AI in the map.


Compare two integers and signal outputs based on the results.


Compare two numbers and signal outputs based on the results.


Compare two strings and signal outputs based on the results.


The Gate can perform logical operations on Boolean inputs.


A counter that can signal its outputs when the specified max count is reached.


A Timer will signal its outputs after waiting for the specified number of seconds.


The Delay will hold a signal for a short time before sending it down the logic chain.


The Repeater object will signal its outputs over and over again a given number of times or infinitely.


A Relay will pass along any input signal to all of its outputs.


A Random Relay will signal one of its outputs at random.


A Sequencer will signal its outputs in a specified order. The default order is the order in which outputs are connected.


Point Light

When your map is without form, and void; and darkness is upon the face of your textures. Place a light, and there will be light, and it will be good.

Spot Light

When a Point Light doesn't provide enough focus, the Spot Light is there to fill your light beam needs.

The following FX all share the same inputs and outputs:

Medium Sparks

Light produced by a sudden discontinuous discharge of electricity through air or another dielectric.

Small Sparks

A tiny spark effect for use with tiny malfunctions.

Large Explosion

Develop your own big bang theory with this military grade kaboom maker.

Medium Explosion

It may not be large, but it's the second best explosion you'll ever experience.

Small Explosion

Amaze your friends and frighten your neighbors with this bite sized explosion.

Barrel Explosion

Sometimes you want the explosion without the barrel.

Electric Explosion

This is what happens when you stick your entire head into a wall socket.

Large Fire

When a small fire just isn't enough, go large.

Medium Fire

If that fire is too large and that other fire is too small, this medium fire might be for you.

Small Fire

Fire! Fire! A small fire is just a big fire waiting to happen.

Flame Jet

9 out of 10 pyros agree that this flame jet is the best! Causes fire damage to players and demons.

Large Smoke

Where there's smoke there's a particle emitter.

Medium Smoke

Fool all your firefighter buddies into getting dressed for nothing.

Small Smoke

It's illegal in most places to have a small smoke indoors.

Large Smoke Stream

Where is all this smoke coming from?

Medium Smoke Stream

Don't breathe this.

Small Smoke Stream

Travelling at the speed of smoke.

Poison Cloud

Inhale the sweet aroma! Causes poison damage to players and demons.

Poison Jet

Use a high pressure jet of noxious death to rapidly insert poison into the atmosphere! Causes poison damage to players and demons.

Large Steam

A high flow rate steam exhaust. Proximity can result in amazingly wrinkle free clothes.

Medium Steam

This isn't your Grandma's humidifier.

Small Steam

A tiny jet of superheated gas. 2,400 PSI never looked so good!


Looks like somebody dropped a cup of superheated plasma. So clumsy! Causes plasma damage to players and demons.


A blob of radioactive goo you can use to decorate any room. Causes radiation damage to players and demons.

Invisible Hazard

When you want to inflict pain from an unseen force, the invisible hazard is for you. Causes variable damage to players and demons.


Wield the power of light! Causes damage to players and demons.



The Gameplay Settings control numerous options for your map such as revival, loot drops, spawning rules, par time and more.


The Score Settings control score point values and multipliers.


The Map object can signal when the map starts or be used to reveal a secret.


The Module object will apply inputs or signal outputs based on the module in which it is placed.


The End Game object defines the victory, defeat and draw conditions.


A UAC-i337 Teleporter Pad. Used to teleport humans, demons, and cargo from point A to point B with a 95.2% success rate.


Teleport players, AI and other objects to this destination.


Control the player's view with the Camera. Direct your own mega budget Snapchinima!


Munitions Box

What's in the box?! Munitions! Well, not just munitions. Sometimes cool things like health and armor...


An interactive Panel, built from the highest quality punch-resistant polymer, can be used by players to signal other objects.


The Power Station is the receptacle for Power Cores!


The Pressure Plate will signal its outputs when a player or demon stands on it.


All Large_Props share the same Inputs and Outputs

Barrels 01

A non-explosive UAC containment barrel.

Barrels 02

3 non-explosive UAC barrels. No human would stack barrels like this.

Barricade 01

A reinforced portable wall unit.

Barricade 02

A security barricade unit.

Barricade 03

A security barricade unit.

Barricade 04

A security barricade unit.

Barricade 05

A security barricade unit with warning information.

Barricade 06

A large multi-panel security barricade unit.

Barricade 07

A reinforced metal security blockade unit.

Barricade 08

A retracted security barricade unit.

Barricade 09

A security barricade scanning unit.

Box 01

A storage case for laboratory equipment.

Box 02

A general use storage box.

Box 03

A shipping crate for laboratory equipment.

Cart 01

A UAC open equipment cart.

Cart 02

A UAC environment controlled equipment cart.

Control Console Corner Segment

A corner segment for the modular control console.

Control Console Main Segment

The central unit of a modular control console.

Control Console Short Segment

A short segment for the modular control console.

Control Console Tower Segment

A tower segment for the modular control console.

Control Panel

A freestanding control panel.

Crate 01

A practical and attractive storage solution for vitrified waste and compacted metals. Available in yellow.

Crate 02

An industrial storage crate.

Crate 02 Lid

A lid for an industrial storage crate.

Crate 02 Open

An open industrial storage crate.

Crate 03

An equipment container.

Crate 03 Lid

The lid for an equipment container.

Crate 03 Open

An open equipment storage container.

Crate 04

An industrial storage crate.

Crate 05

An industrial storage crate.

Crate 06

A large shipping and storage system.

Debris 01

Metal debris.

Debris 02

Metal debris.

Debris 03

Metal debris.

Debris 04

Metal debris.

Debris 05

Metal debris.

Debris Pile

A pile of metal debris.

Director's Chair

Adds an elegant yet powerful touch to any Director's office décor.

Duffle Bag

A rugged and easy-to-use equipment bag.

Executive Chair

Designed to fit your body like a glove, this office chair is for people who think best off of their feet

Exit Sign 01

An inactive Exit sign.

Exit Sign 02

An active Exit sign.


A portable fan.

Floor Mat

A UAC floor mat.

Floor Pad

An industrial floor pad.

Fork Lift

An industrial fork lift

Fuel Container

A portable refueling station.

Generator 01

A portable generator.

Generator 02

A backup power supply with extension cable.

Generator 03

A backup power supply.

Hand Light 01

A portable industrial light.

Hand Light 02

A portable industrial light.

Hand Light 03

A portable industrial light.

Hanging Light

A hanging light.

Hose Reel

A hose reel.

Hydraulic Hose

A thermoplastic high pressure hydraulic hose.

Kitchen Chair

A chair commonly found in lunchrooms.

Large Trash Can

A large containment barrier for storing community detritus.

Locker 01

A personal locker.

Locker 01 Door

A personal locker door.

Locker 01 Open

An open personal locker.

Locker 02

An equipment locker.

Machine 01

A thermal generator carbon extraction unit for oxygen depleted work environments.

Machine 02

A tri-station multi-phase variable frequency converter rack.

Monitor 01

A heavy framed industrial monitor.

Monitor 02

A wall mounted facility monitoring station.

Monitor 03

A free-standing facility monitoring station.

Office Chair

An standard office chair.

Orange Chair

Both orange and uncomfortable, this chair is the perfect working class seating solution.

Pallet 01

A warehouse pallet.


A storage shelf.


A kitchen table.

Vending Machine 01

A food vending machine.

Vending Machine 02

A drink vending machine.

Wall Light

An industrial wall light.

Warning Sign 01

A Move Up sign.

Warning Sign 02

A Move Down sign.

Warning Sign 03

A Watch Your Step sign.

Warning Sign 04

A Work Zone sign.

Warning Sign 05

A Hazardous Environment sign.

Warning Sign 06

An Authorized Personnel Only sign.

Warning Sign 07

A High Temperature sign.

Warning Sign 08

An Inhalation Hazard sign.

Warning Sign 09

A Burn Hazard sign.

Warning Sign 10

A Do Not Enter sign.

Warning Sign 11

A Fire Hazard sign.

Water Cooler

An eco-friendly water-responsible re-hydration station.

Wire 01

Coiled electrical wire.

Wire 02

A scrap of electrical wire.

Wire Spool

A wire spool.


Red Flag

A droppable Red Flag

Yellow Flag

A droppable Yellow Flag.

Blue Flag

A droppable Blue Flag. The Red Flag's evil twin.

Green Flag

A droppable Green Flag.

Gray Flag

A droppable Gray Flag.

Red Keycard

A droppable Red Keycard. Grants you access to the cafeteria.

Yellow Keycard

A droppable Yellow Keycard. Grants you access to the executive lounge.

Blue Keycard

A droppable Blue Keycard. Grants you access to the research laboratory.

Green Keycard

A droppable Green Keycard. Grants you access to the armory.

Gray Keycard

A droppable Gray Keycard. Grants you access to level 5 restricted areas.

Red Power Core

A limited edition droppable Red Power Core.

Yellow Power Core

A droppable Yellow Power Core. Enjoys being picked up and going on adventures.

Blue Power Core

A droppable Blue Power Core. Gets a bit lonely when it's away from its Power Station.

Green Power Core

A droppable Green Power Core. Filled with sustainable, eco-friendly energy.

Gray Power Core

A droppable Gray Power Core. Supports the Power Station's five year plan for Mars domination.

Ammo Box

A box of universal ammo. One round to rule them all.

Ammo Pack

An Ammo Pack filled with universal ammo. All those UAC research dollars actually produced something useful.

Armor Shard

An Armor Shard worth 5 points of armor. Just slap it on like an armor-plated bandage.

Armor Shield

An Armor Shield worth 25 points of armor. Ergonomically designed for less chafing.

Armor Suit

An Armor Suit worth 50 points of armor. It protects your innards!


A Container can be filled with health, armor, ammo, or player resources.

Demon Rune

A Demon Rune will transform a human player into a demon player when picked up. An unholy marriage of science and the occult.


This object is used to mark key locations, such as a flag spawn.


Haste increases the player's movement speed and firing speed for a short time. Gotta go fast!

Large Health

A Large Health pack worth 50 points of health. How am I supposed to fit all these fluids in my body?

Medium Health

A Medium Heath pack worth 25 points of health. Helps you walk it off.

Small Health

A Small Health pack worth 5 points of health. A cure for little bumps and bruises.

Mega Health

A Mega Health worth more health and armor than you can carry.

Quad Damage

Quad Damage significantly increases the player's damage for a short time. 4 times the damage, 20 times the fun.


Regeneration restores the player's health over time. Does not cause immortality.



The Player Proxy is used to apply inputs or gather outputs from players in your map.


The Team Proxy is used to apply inputs or gather outputs from teams in your map.


A spawn location for a player. At least one is required per map.


The Inventory object is used to give or take inventory items from players.


The Vitals object is used to give health and armor to players.


The Player Loadout object is used to give weapons, equipment, and skills to a specific player.


The Player Input object, when enabled, collects player input which can be used to signal other objects.



An ancient repository for converting chemical energy into electrical energy.

Beer Can

A full can of Olympus Mons brewed GRUD LIGHT.


A technician's work boot.

Box 01

A small container.


It's a bucket.

Cleaning Bot

The custodial engineer's partner in a daily battle against dust and grime.

Computer 01

A computer.

Computer 02

Another computer.

Computer 03

The third computer.

Computer 04

The last computer you'll ever need.


An all-purpose tool used for drilling holes and driving screws.

File Holder

A file holder. It contains files.

Food Tray

A food tray.

Fuel Can

A fuel can.


A technician's work glove.


A device to amplify the force applied to futuristic construction nails.

Hard Hat

The minimum safety gear required for anyone entering the facility.

Mop Bucket

A mop bucket.

Noodles 1

A box of Dopechan noodles.

Noodles 1 [ Opened ]

An empty box of Dopechan noodles.

Noodles 2

A box of Cheezy Mac dinner in a box.

Noodles 2 [ Opened ]

An empty box of Cheezy Mac.

Office Mouse

A super high tech quantum entangled 4.5 Quadrillion DPI mouse.

Plastic Bottle 1

A bottle of Banhar purified water fresh from the terraformed waters of Mars' own Olympus Mons.

Plastic Bottle 2

A bottle of Grulp energy drink.

Plastic Bottle 3

A bottle of Bubbles soda product.

Plastic Bottle 4

A bottle of unsweetened Sure Greaf Tea.

Plastic Bottle 5

A bottle of low fat generic Milk Chocolate Drink.

Plastic Box

A box of Grangles Potato Crisps.


A handle, shaft, and tip placed firmly into a screw head to rotate it.

Small Tin Can

A tin can.

Tea Can

A can of Bubbles tea approximation.

Trash Can

A radiation resistant containment barrier for storing personal detritus.

Wet Floor Sign

A wet floor sign.


A space age spanner for enhancing rotational torque applied to low tech devices.


Custom Group Encounter

A Custom Group Encounter will spawn a number of encounters simultaneously.

Group Demon Encounter

A Group Demon Encounter will spawn a single group of Demons.

Single Demon Encounter

A Single Demon Encounter will spawn a single, specified Demon.

Survival Event

Description: The Survival Event will spawn an increasingly difficult onslaught of demons for the duration of the event.

Wave Event

The Wave Event will spawn multiple waves of enemy encounters successively. The event ends when all waves are vanquished.

Miniboss Event

The Miniboss Event will spawn a powerful miniboss. The event ends when the boss is defeated.


The Item Spawn Settings provide control over global automatic spawning for pickups, munitions boxes, powerups, and weapons.

Spawn Weapon

The Spawn Weapon object will spawn a weapon on demand. Guns. Lots of guns.

Spawn Ammo

The Spawn Ammo object will spawn ammo on demand.

Spawn Armor

The Spawn Armor object will spawn armor on demand.

Spawn Health

The Spawn Health object will spawn health on demand.

Spawn Powerup

The Spawn Powerup object will spawn a powerup on demand.

Spawn Droppable

The Spawn Droppable object will spawn droppables on demand.

Spawn Container

The Spawn Container object will spawn containers filled with the specified items.



A variable that represents a custom Player Resource type. It can be set to a whole number.


A variable that represents a custom Team Resource type. It can be set to a whole number.


An Integer variable can be set to a whole number and used to control certain properties on other objects.


A Number variable can be set to a number with decimal places and used to control certain properties on other objects.


A String variable can be set to a text string and used to control certain properties on other objects.


A Boolean variable can be set to true or false and used to control certain properties on other objects.


A Color variable can be set to a specific RGB value and used to control certain properties on other objects.


Add filters to the Custom Filter to define the who, what and where. Use the Custom Filter by name or place it between an output and an input.


A Cached Object variable will store away an object, allowing the stored object to be referenced later in a logic chain.


Box Trigger

The Box Trigger will signal its outputs when a player or demon enters the bounding.

Cylinder Trigger

The Cylinder Trigger will signal its outputs when a player or demon enters the bounding.

Inhibit AI Conductor Spawning Box

The Inhibit AI Conductor Spawning Box prevents AI Conductor objects from spawning a demon inside the defined volume.


The Player Blocking Volume prevents players and projectiles from passing through the defined volume.


The Shootable Trigger will signal its outputs when taking damage.


It takes teamwork to gain control of the Team Capture Point.


All Weapons share the same inputs and outputs


Most research regarding the BFG-9000 remains classified. The design was first [REDACTED] by [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].

Burst Rifle

A selective-fire battle rifle equipped with a reciprocating barrel assembly and 3-round burst mode.


A large drum-fed rotary machine gun with a high rate of fire.

Combat Shotgun

A pump-action shotgun with a tight spread of buckshot.

Gauss Cannon

A devastatingly accurate long-range weapon with a noticeable kick that must be compensated for by the operator.

Heavy Assault Rifle

Features a dependable mechanical firing mechanism, high accuracy at long range, and an abundant supply of ammunition.


An advanced semi-automatic energy weapon.

Lightning Gun

Short range energy weapon that fires a constant stream of electricity.

Plasma Rifle

A fully automatic rifle that fires pulses of super-heated plasma capable of dealing splash damage.

Rocket Launcher

Fires rockets that explode on impact, doing damage over a large area.

Super Shotgun

A break-action double barrel shotgun that fires a wide spread of buckshot.

Vortex Rifle

A precision long-range energy weapon with a magnified optic.



Four Way: A door that opens in four directions like a big X.
Horizontal Split: A door that is split horizontally through the middle.
Industrial: A grimy metal door.
No Door: Turns door into an archway.
Door: A door. It opens. It closes.
Secret: A door that opens upwards and appears to be a wall. Opens when used by the player.
Vertical: A door that opens upwards.
Vertical Split: A door that is split vertically down the middle.
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