Teleporter Pad

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Teleporter Pad

A UAC-i337 Teleporter Pad. Used to teleport humans, demons, and cargo from point A to point B with a 95.2% success rate.


Object: Teleporter Pad

Category: Gameplay


TeleportTo.pngTeleport ToTeleport the activator to this location.
Hide.pngHideHide the object. The object will exist if hidden and can be shown again later using Show.
Show.pngShowShow the object if it is hidden. The object can be hidden again with Hide.
Delete.pngDeleteDelete the object from the map. An object can't reset, respawn or otherwise reappear for the remainder of the match.
Enable.pngEnable TeleporterEnable the Teleporter.
Disable.pngDisable TeleporterDisable the Teleporter.
Set_poi.pngSet Point Of InterestApply a POI icon to the object.
Remove_poi.pngClear Points Of InterestRemove any POIs that have been set.


Onentered.pngOn EnteredWhen an object enters the volume, send a signal. The object is the activator.
OnArrived.pngOn ArrivedWhen a teleported object reaches this destination, send a signal. The teleported object is the activator.


NameStringThe name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Start OnBooleanIf true, the object will be enabled when the map starts.
Custom FilterGrid PickerLimits who or what can use this object.
Tags: Logic