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Welcome to The DOOM SnapMap Editing Wiki

DOOM® SnapMap - A powerful, but easy-to-use game and level editor that allows for limitless gameplay experiences on every platform. Anyone can snap together and customize maps, add pre-defined or custom gameplay, and edit game logic to create new modes. Instantly play your creation or make it available to players around the world.

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DOOM SnapMap Editing Info

Getting Started

Check the Getting_Started page for basic info on how to edit.

Learn how to publish and browse the SnapHub for SnapMap content.

Check out the Community_Resources list to see what other players are making, or to ask questions about creating your own maps.

The Editor

The editor has two modes that can help you layout your map and fill it with gameplay!

  • Blueprint_Mode has all you need to know about connecting modules to make map layouts.
  • Object_Mode has information about placing objects and using logic to create gameplay and modes in your maps.

Creating and Editing Logic

SnapMap has simple, yet powerful logic editing tools. If you're interested in creating something that stands out from the crowd, this section is for you.

  • The Basics page contains pages with more detailed information on topics such as basic editor functionality, design and programming with logic.
  • Some solutions to common design problems are described on the Patterns page.
  • Learn how your Network/Objects/Memory resources are spent and what can you do to optimize their usage.

Known Issues in SnapMap

  • In a coop mode, setting the Enable Bob and Rotate property to False will cause the game to crash while loading. Keep the Enable Bob and Rotate property set to True if you are publishing a coop mode.
  • You should not publish your coop maps with "Use Campaign Models" checked. This can result in animation issues and instability in some cases. Only enable "Use Campaign Models" for single player maps.
  • For very complex custom environments built in large open modules, avoid using logic to delete Blocking Volumes or Props during game play. Deleting a Blocking Volume or a Prop will recalculate the flight volume for the module, possibly creating a lengthy pause in the game. It is recommended that you Hide the Blocking Volume or Prop instead.
  • Giving the player a new Player Loadout on activating the Argent Cache interactive can cause the first person weapon to disappear. This can be resolved by adding a short delay before giving the Player Loadout.
  • AI cannot navigate on Blocking Volumes or Props used to create custom environments.
  • Blocking Volumes that completely seal off an AI in a small room can result in odd behaviors where the AI will attempt to walk through the Blocking Volume. To avoid this behavior, you can set the AI to pace between two AI Path Points.
  • Weapon bob animation is disabled after a player is revived, but returns when the players switches weapons.
  • If "Use Campaign Models" is checked and the player is killed while the Gauss Cannon, Chainsaw, Chaingun (all mods), Lightning Gun, or Static Rifle is equipped, there is a ~25% chance the game will freeze.
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