Blueprint Mode

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Blueprint Mode

Blueprint is the top down view mode you enter to add, duplicate, delete, and manipulate modules. Modules are individual map segments that snap together at door portals to form a larger map. When adding a module, a grid is used to cycle between various types and categories. Once a module is added you can select it to duplicate, rotate, flip, or delete. 

The default Blueprint view mode is Top Down and the default Module view mode is Wireframe. Modules snap together at their door portals. The floor or height of the portal is indicated on a meter to the left of the blueprint mode screen. To better view the height or floor level of one module door portal relative to another, switch to Orbit and/or Simple view modes. 


Placing and Selecting Modules

To place a module, first you must select a game mode template. After you select a game mode template, you are placed in Blueprint mode. To place a module, highlight any available door portal or object and press “Attach” or press “Add” when no placed modules are highlighted. From here, you can select from a variety of module shapes and sizes. You can also view additional module details, such as how many floors it has. To place the new module, select “Accept”.

Customizing Modules

Every module can be flipped to mirror itself along the X-axis. To flip a module, highlight it and press “Flip”. If the flipped module placement is not compatible with your current layout, you will not be able to place it.

Every module can be rotated in either direction 90 degrees at a time. To rotate a module, highlight it and press “Rotate”. If the rotated module placement is not compatible with your current layout, you will not be able to place it.

Selection Mode
Selection mode allows you to group modules together. To enter select mode, highlight a module, press “Select” (note it changes from blue to orange), then do the same on another module, and so on. Grouped modules can be placed and manipulated in a similar manner to individual modules. To ungroup modules, perform the grouping steps in reverse order.

Each module or set of grouped modules can be grabbed and moved using the “Grab” button.

View Mode
You can toggle the Blueprint mode user interface from wireframe to simple view by pressing “Style” at any time.

Door Portals
SnapMap modules are connected by door portals. Available door portals are indicated by highlighted points on highlighted modules. Though you can place end caps for open door portals, SnapMap will automatically do so when you publish or play your maps.

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