Object Mode

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Object Mode

Object mode is where all the magic happens. It is is a first person view of your map where you can customize the environment, add objects, and create new gameplay through logic chains. To start Obect Mode, select it from the Blueprint Mode menu. When adding a new object, whether it is a demon or prop or logic object, an object grid is used to cycle between various types and categories. Once an object is added, you can select to duplicate, delete, manipulate, and edit properties. Each object has set of editable Properties that define its appearance and behavior. 


Press “Add” to view the Object categories and items you can place. Objects include a variety of enemy types, props, logic elements, sound and visual effects, text editors, gameplay parameters, camera control, interactive objects, weapons, pickups, spawners and triggers. You can also place and set dynamic AI parameters using AI Conductor objects. 

Module Properties
Once you are you satisfied with your object placement and logic chains, you can customize the environment through the Module Properties menu. Module properties alter environment color and fog as well as toggle pre-defined objects, FX, decals, and low level environment sound or roomtone. This is in addition to the separate FX, props, sounds, and lights you can add as objects. For example, to create a smoke-filled room, select an environment through the module properties that contains a heavy fog and then add separate fire, sparks, and smoke FX objects to the map. 


Saving Your Map
To store your map to play locally or edit later, select Save from the menu. Once again, SnapMap will require your map to have a Player Start before it will save. Your saved map can be located by browsing My SnapMap in the SnapHub.

Playtesting Your Map
Playtesting your maps lets you iterate on and improve them. To play your map, select Play from the SnapMap Editor Menu. Every map must have a Player Start object in it before it can be played, saved, or published. If your map doesn’t have a Player Start, SnapMap will not allow the map to be played. After playing your map, to return to the editor choose Return to SnapMap Editor from the In Game Menu. In this manner you can quickly move between Edit and Play to build, test, and iterate on your new map. 

In the Settings, you can enable God Mode and Infinite Ammo as well as change the Player Slot or Movement Speed to make it easier to playtest your map.


Undoing Mistakes
If you make a mistake, simply back out before you commit an action. You call also highlight and change or delete placed objects and modules.

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