Community Resources

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Check out some of the high-quality resources made by the SnapMap community!


The SnapMap Subreddit lets you share and discover maps, ask and answer questions, and connect with other players.

The Community Forums is the official forum for DOOM SnapMap to find announcements, share maps, ask questions and discuss SnapMap.

SnapMap Hub lists author-submitted maps and includes descriptions, trailers, a voting system, feedback/comments and map tags. Browse popular maps or find the next big thing!



SINESPAWN talks abot how logic works, the difference between map start and match start, setting player's loadouts, managing AI,

Seris Taclys puts together a basic map while covering topics like adding modules, module properties, Door logic, placing weapons and pickups, hand-placing demons, basic Multicasting, basic demon logic, placing triggers, trigger properties, basic trigger logic, Wave Events, and game end logic.

Short Topics

DOOM SnapMap Tutorials shows how to set up a HUD.

Michael Linzenmeyer creates a secret door that opens when shot to reveal a secret.

DOOM SnapMap Tutorials shows the basics of Player Resources.