SnapMap Modules

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This list contains all of the SnapMap Modules in the final version of the game.

Here's how the tables break down:

The modules name in the Module Palette.
A description of the Module's general purpose, look and feel.
The relative size of the module compared against the others.
What type of hazard, if any, the module contains for killing players.


CLASSIC 90 BENDIt's small, it's simple and it turns 90 degrees. This time in throwback textures!SMALLNONE
CLASSIC 90 CLIMBA small 90 degree bend with a steep climb-up.SMALLNONE
CLASSIC 90 LIFT LONGA longer 90 degree bend with a lift.SMALLNONE
CLASSIC 90 LIFT SHORTA small 90 degree bend with a lift.SMALLNONE
CLASSIC 90 STAIRS LONGA long 90 degree bend with stairs.SMALLNONE
CLASSIC 90 STAIRS SHORTA short 90 degree bend with stairs.SMALLNONE
HELL 90 BENDFires and piles of bones, oh my!TINYNONE
HELL 90 CLIMBLooks like part of the foundation has sunk due to corrosion caused by pooled blood.TINYNONE
HELL 90 STAIRSThis stone staircase is beautifully lit by a combination of exterior windows and recessed fire lighting.SMALLNONE
90 BENDA standard UAC industrial corridor used in many facilities. First used in Phobos labs.TINYNONE
90 CLIMBA standard UAC industrial corridor intended to connect two floors. Achieved with great success.SMALLNONE
90 CURVEA version 2.0 UAC Industrial corridor used to add organic harmony to the original 90 Degree bend.TINYNONE
90 STAIRSA stair corridor intended to connect two floors with human accessible stairs. The cornerstone of every UAC offworld facility!SMALLNONE
90 STEAM CLIMBA small hallway filled with steam-release valves and a steep climb-up.TINYNONE
RED LIGHT ZONEA moderately-sized room filled with overlapping catwalks and a stark, red glow.LARGENONE
SKYLIGHT NINEAn open, multi-floor area where interesting things can happen with light.HUGEDEATH PIT
HUB 90A flexible space with 4 doors and a set of diagonal stairs and wide catwalks.SMALLNONE
SIMPLE 90It's small, it's simple and it turns 90 degrees.TINYNONE
WHITE COLLAR 90 BENDA quick 90 degree bend. Complete with insulated pipes and directional floor lighting.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR 90 STAIRSA 90 degree bend with stairs. The pipes add a sense of movement characteristic of UAC architecture.SMALLNONE


CLASSIC REFINING CHAMBERA hazardous space built around what appears to be poisonous lava. No hand railings so watch your step!MEDIUMLAVA
CLASSIC PRISONA one stop shop for all your confinement needs. Includes individually controllable cell doors!MEDIUMNONE
CLASSIC SLUDGEROOMAll toxic sludge must go somewhere. This is where.MEDIUMSLIME
CLASSIC BLANK ROOMA large empty space just waiting to be put to good use.LARGENONE
CLASSIC ARENA 03A nukage filled multi-level combat arena. Even contains a secret room in the toxic slime!LARGESLIME
CLASSIC RECEIVING AREAA multi-story playspace featuring a large elongated octagonal concrete slab and two hidden compartments.LARGENONE
CLASSIC ARENA 02A large open air space flanked by banks of supercomputers. A UAC Heavy Load lift is available for moving large equipment.LARGENONE
CLASSIC HUGE ROOMThis room is definitely big enough for a Revenant party.HUGENONE
CLASSIC HUGE ROOM OFFSETA giant room built for creative endeavors with offset entrances.HUGENONE
CLASSIC HUGE ROOM PITA giant room setup for creative endeavors with offset entrances, a huge pit, and lifts!HUGENONE
ETHEREAL PLANESFour ways in, four ways out. Complete with an unnatural blood spring.LARGENONE
MINES OF MINOSFor when Ariadne could stand it no more, she hid herself among the Pillars of Woe deep in her father's Mines, condemned to an eternity of anguish and blood.LARGENONE
STYGIAN CRYPTSStairs in all directions. An eerie, green glow. Blood pours from the ceiling. Welcome to the Stygian Crypts.LARGENONE
CANKAYA KEEPChains hang from the high ceiling. Pale, sickly braziers throw a green aura across the low altar.LARGENONE
STORAGE FACILITY 479Spacious but short, the Storage Facility line of Modules from UAC Logistics expands dramatically on our previous offerings.HUGENONE
GRID ROOMIf you've ever wanted a space to really call your own, this is the one. Fill it with whatever your SnapHeart desires!HUGENONE
BASEMENT HUBAn expansive space featuring broad catwalks, 3 stories of hallways and a lovely pit of toxic slime.LARGESLIME
OPERATIONS CENTERA medium sided space with six connections on multiple floors. Frequently used at the center of a UAC operations facility.MEDIUMNONE
ENTRANCEA broad loading area downstairs surrounded by a handful of entrances and exits.MEDIUMNONE
FIRING CHAMBERA combination space used for both the storage and testing of high tech experimental weaponry.MEDIUMNONE
TOXIC FLOW ROOMA medium sized space intended to allow moisture release from toxic slime throughout the facility. Also contains a cool secret area!MEDIUMSLIME
MACHINE ROOMFilled with complex equipment likely understood by only a small number of people.MEDIUMNONE
BUNKERSquarish and short, this room offers good cover for interesting combat.MEDIUMNONE
HALLWAY H STAIRSA set of halls with mirrored exits. UAC would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Disodium-37 is almost definitely not lethally toxic.MEDIUMDISODIUM-37
SORTING AREAA shipping and storing crossover space featuring high windows and elevated work areas. MEDIUMNONE
REFINING CHAMBERA surprisingly hazardous space built to churn molten metals into a hellish steel toffee. No hand railings so watch your step!MEDIUMLAVA
SMALL MAINTENANCE ROOMA simple space with a 90-degree bend and a small, blue nook.SMALLNONE
REPAIR BAY OVERLOOKThe moderate size and narrow access of this repair bay limits its use to handheld and plasma-powered tools.SMALLNONE
TALL RECHARGE ROOMThe recharge room features higher ceilings than most UAC repair bays, allowing for larger tools and equipment.SMALLNONE
TOXIC FLOW CONTROLA medium sized multi floor space built around a toxic sludge flow. Holding your breath is recommended.MEDIUMSLIME
DISODIUM-37 REFINERYA central control room flanked by elevated catwalks, floating high above a pool of deadly Disodium-37.MEDIUMDISODIUM-37
THERMAL EXHAUST ACCESSThis medium sized space is built around a thermal reaction exhaust port for the central power core. MEDIUMNONE
SLUDGE PROCESSINGAll this high tech machinery generates quite a bit of nasty toxic sludge. It all comes here to get converted to drinking water.MEDIUMSLIME
THERMAL TRANSFERA small room built to transfer molten slag from one part of the facility to another while removing impurities.MEDIUMLAVA
ALCOVESA medium sized space intended to provide easy access to power cores, specimens, and other frequently used equipment.LARGENONE
SECURITY CHECKPOINTProvides an isolated safe room for operators to observe foot traffic and glare knowingly from behind bulletproof glass.MEDIUMNONE
DISODIUM-37 OVERFLOWThis compact, well-ventilated room pumps Disodium-37 between processing areas.MEDIUMDISODIUM-37
SLAG RUN-OFFThis multi-floor transitional space is built around a molten slag run-off trench. It can get really hot in this cramped space!MEDIUMLAVA
SLAG COOLING PITLong catwalks span a deep, smoldering cooling pit. Watch your step.LARGEDEATH PIT
PINWHEEL ROOMPipes and stairs dominate this loop-shaped room. Red light casts an eerie glow from the Mixom OneStream plasma core.MEDIUMNONE
STEAM SILO GAMMAIonization cooling pipes abound in this multilevel space. Never look directly into the outlet!MEDIUMDEATH PIT
OBSERVATIONA large, cold space built to spy on subjects from above. A blank canvas for building gameplay.MEDIUMNONE


CLASSIC COUPLER 256A short coupler. Used to connect spaces that are just short of reaching each other.TINYNONE
CLASSIC COUPLER 512A medium sized coupler. Used to connect spaces that are just short of reaching each other.TINYNONE
CLASSIC BUNKER ENDA multi-story playspace with a toxic slime pit, a computer room with an overlook, and two secrets hidden above and below lifts.LARGESLIME
HELL COUPLER SMALLThe trio of Stygian Couplers begins here, with the smallest of the set.TINYNONE
HELL COUPLER MEDIUMThis medium-sized Stygian Coupler offers additional room for evil.TINYNONE
HELL COUPLER LONGThe longest of the Stygian Couplers gives its braziers a little breathing room.TINYNONE
COUPLER SMALLA UAC industrial connection created to fix those pesky rounding errors inherent to Mars architectural designs.TINYNONE
COUPLER MEDIUMUsed to bring together those challenging spaces that fall just short of connecting. Often referred to as the matchmaker.TINYNONE
COUPLER LONGUsed by UAC engineers when all other connections won't do. You'll need it too.TINYNONE
WHITE COLLAR COUPLER SMALLA short coupler. Used by design, not by accident.TINYNONE
WHITE COLLAR COUPLER LONGA long coupler. Basically a hallway at this length.TINYNONE


CLASSIC CROSSA small 4-door hallway.SMALLNONE
LARGE HELL CROSSYou can connect four evil spaces together, bringing together hated enemies of long ago.SMALLNONE
LARGE CROSSCan connect four of your favorite spaces together, bringing long lost friends together again.SMALLNONE
CATWALK CROSSOVERWith a short catwalk between and across the entrances, this small crossover features security window access from all 4 corners.SMALLNONE
SLIME CATWALK CROSSOVERA multi-floor crossover space above a slime pit.SMALLSLIME
STEAM VENT CROSSA small 4-door hallway with steam vents.SMALLNONE
STEAM VENT CROSS CLIMBHigh doors and low doors, with a climb to get out. Lock it down and it becomes quite workable as a killing jar.SMALLNONE
SMALL CROSSA tiny 4-way industrial hallway. Simple yet elegant in its design.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR CROSSA cozy 4-door hallway 'cause outside is wiggity, wiggity, wiggity wack.SMALLNONE


CLASSIC PLAYER STARTAll great adventures must start somewhere.SMALLNONE
ELEVATORA standard UAC industrial cargo elevator. Often used to transition from level to level.SMALLNONE
SMALL SKYLIGHTA small dead end room. Great for secrets, entrances, and storing industrial waste!SMALLNONE
O OF DESTRUCTIONThis circle of death features some excellent hiding spots for surprise demon attacks and loot caches.MEDIUMDEATH PIT
THE REACHA bottomless pit. A perfect shooting gallery for demons. And sunlight that bends at strange angles. There's only one way in or out of The Reach.HUGEDEATH PIT
COMPUTER ROOMFeaturing four sets of mainframe access terminals all located at convenient second floor workstations.MEDIUMNONE
ARMOR HALLA dead end built around a disconnected computer terminal, now used to store body armor and various munitions.MEDIUMNONE


CLASSIC S-CURVEA short s-curve hallway featuring an inset contoured skylight.SMALLNONE
CLASSIC STRAIGHT CLIMBUAC employee fitness guidelines demand that all personnel perform at least 20 pull-ups a day. This two story hallway has a climb in it to encourage physical activity!SMALLNONE
CLASSIC STRAIGHT LIFTA two story straight hallway fitted with a UAC personnel transport lift.SMALLNONE
CLASSIC STRAIGHT LOW LIFTThis two story hallway includes a lift that when raised matches the height of the adjacent ceiling. Thereby concealing the lift from view below.SMALLNONE
CLASSIC STRAIGHT STAIRSA standard two story UAC hallway with stairs.SMALLNONE
HELL CLIMB SA tortured hallway with a drop-off, a spine, and an enormous ribcage.SMALLNONE
HELL HA connecting passageway in Hell; a simple, effective way to branch into more infernal halls of torment.MEDIUMNONE
HELL S CURVESerpentine, serpentine!SMALLNONE
DAMNED STRAIGHTI'm on the way to the promised land; I'm in the hallway to Hell.SMALLNONE
DAMNED STRAIGHT INCLINEThe pools of blood and walls of bone give it away: this sure ain't a stairway to heaven.MEDIUMNONE
HELL U CURVETurnabout is fair play.SMALLNONE
HALLWAY HA multifunctional industrial corridor built to connect up to four additional spaces. Use with caution.SMALLNONE
HALLWAY S CURVEAn essential part of every UAC installation. Featuring not one but two beautiful right angles of industrial hallway glory.SMALLNONE
STRAIGHT HALLWAYThe workhorse of the UAC industrial corridor spaces. Used to connect everything to everything else.TINYNONE
HALLWAY CLIMBA two story Straight Hallway with a missing staircase. Better bring your climbing boots!TINYNONE
HALLWAY STAIRSIt's the hallway everyone is always talking about. Two stories, two doors and a swanky staircase.TINYNONE
HALLWAY U CURVEA semi-circle industrial hallway. For those looking to snake out of sight or turn a full 180 on life.SMALLNONE
BUNKER ENDA large hallway built to allow for bidirectional egress. When egress efficiency matters, Bunker is the best choice.MEDIUMNONE
BULKHEAD OBSERVATIONMultiple levels of overlapping catwalks with access to an observation room at the top.SMALLNONE
WIDE CATWALKA maze of twisty little catwalks, all alike.MEDIUMNONE
STRAIGHT LARGE HALLWAYThis UAC industrial corridor is an upgraded version of the tiny Straight Hallway. SMALLNONE
LONG HALLA long, narrow hallway with a bump in the middle. Zero visibility between the doors means opportunity for surprises.SMALLDEATH PIT
LONG HALL CATWALKA long, straight hallway suspended above a shimmering pool of Disodium-37. I wonder if you can stand on those pipes?MEDIUMDISODIUM-37
HEAT EXCHANGE S CURVEA S shaped industrial corridor with a centralized staircase. Think of this as a speed bump in hallway form.MEDIUMNONE
DISODIUM-37 S CURVEA short hallway featuring a twist, a climb and 3,600 gallons of Disodium-37 per minute.SMALLDISODIUM-37
DISODIUM-37 U CURVEA corridor that really knows its place, the U-shaped hallway with a climb-up does the job and does it well.SMALLDISODIUM-37
DISODIUM-37 S CURVE STAIRSUnder twisting catwalks and over stairs, toxic chemicals have to get from one place to another. This is how.SMALLDISODIUM-37
DISODIUM-37 U CURVE STAIRSA turnabout with stairs and that romantic purple glow that only Disodium-37 can offer.SMALLDISODIUM-37
2 STORY HALLWAY STAIRSA short, solid hallway with doors 2 floors apart.SMALLNONE
3 STORY HALLWAY STAIRSA longer hallway with 3 staircases. Does one thing very well.SMALLNONE
DOUBLE HALLWAYA pair of hallways separated by a thermal cooling pit. Jump, climb or fall.MEDIUMDEATH PIT
DISODIUM-37 VERTICAL TRANSFERVertical Transfer features multiple catwalks for easy access to pipes. Nearly all of the facility's Disodium-37 flows through this room.HUGEDISODIUM-37
DOUBLE SPLIT HALLWAYA wide split catwalk with access to 4 doors. Connect some hallways (may we recommend Simple Hallway?) and add some gameplay.MEDIUMNONE
SIMPLE HALLWAYWhenever you have amazing, gameplay-filled rooms that need connecting, Simple Hallway is here.SMALLNONE
HALLWAY UA simple, industrial hallway that bends back on itself. Use with reckless abandon.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR SSparse, cold, lonely. A multiplanetary corporation's dream hallway.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR STRAIGHTAn inconspicuous hallway. Nothing to see here. Move along now.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR STRAIGHT LONGA hallway with a view previously reserved for mountaintop evil lairs.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR U CURVEThis hallway curves so fast it makes light change direction.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR HA branching hallway with stunning Martian mountain views.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR STAIRSThese stairs add a whole new level to your map.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR DOUBLE STAIRSDouble the stairs for double the fun!SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR U STAIRSCall today and get not one but two bonus stairs with your U CURVE hallway.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR SERVER HALLA hallway designed for the unique needs of a growing server population. Now with bonus space for human transportation.MEDIUMNONE


CLASSIC JOG 256A small jog. Used to connect spaces that are laterally misaligned.TINYNONE
CLASSIC JOG 512A medium sized jog. Used to connect spaces that are REALLY laterally misaligned.TINYNONE
HELL JOG LARGE WIDEThis centuries-old jogged hallway is reinforced by a stunning bone archway.TINYNONE
HELL JOG SMALLThe smallest of the Stygian Jogs, use it only for evil.TINYNONE
HELL JOG LARGEA medium sized jog, helps keep the Hell flowing.TINYNONE
JOG SMALLUsed to connect spaces that have shifted due to unforeseen geological anomalies or simply due to bad planning.TINYNONE
JOG LARGEUsed to connect spaces that are offset by a staggering lateral distance. Used by UAC engineers to traverse subterranean hot spots.TINYNONE
JOG LARGE WIDEThe big brother to the Jog Large, used when lateral shifts just aren't enough to get the job done.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR JOG SMALLA small jog with walls so shiny that a warning memo had to be sent out.TINYNONE
WHITE COLLAR JOG LARGEA large jogged hallway with divine proportions.TINYNONE


CLASSIC E1M1 OVERLOOKAn iconic climb to a beautiful picturesque overlook of the Martian vista.MEDIUMNONE
CLASSIC E1M2 EXIT ROOMA UAC personnel transport lift is available in this room to lower and raise employees into and out of the supercooled computer core.MEDIUMNONE
CLASSIC E1M1 COMPUTER ROOMNothing compares to a room full of supercomputers!MEDIUMNONE
CLASSIC E1M3 ELEGANT HALLWAYElegance is an underutilized word when describing UAC hallways. This hallway is elegant.MEDIUMNONE
CLASSIC E1M2 ENTRY FOYERThe main entrance to the Nuclear Plant provides five exits in case of emergency. NOTE: There is always an emergency.MEDIUMNONE
CLASSIC E1M2 CHAINSAW PILLARUnion Aerospace insists that dangerous equipment be placed out of the reach of children! This pillar lift will ensure safety for all.MEDIUMSLIME
CLASSIC E1M3 NUKAGE DONUTNever enter this area without a travel buddy. Construction crews have temporarily removed all railings from this toxic slime flanked walkway.MEDIUMSLIME
CLASSIC E1M1 ZIG ZAG ROOMMind your step or you might end up waist high in toxic slime!MEDIUMSLIME
CLASSIC E1M3 TOXIN REFINERYIf walking forward will land you in a pit of toxic goo then you've likely arrived at the Toxin Refinery!MEDIUMSLIME
CLASSIC E1M3 HEAT CORRIDORInsulated walls protect the central staircase in this area from dual UAC 1223:41Hkz High Power Heat-Exchangers.MEDIUMNONE
CLASSIC E1M2 SLIME HALLSStay alert when navigating rooms filled with toxic slime!MEDIUMSLIME
CLASSIC E1M1 INTRO AREAJust the room that started it all.LARGESLIME
POOLS OF AMON'Dead! the Night-Killer falls upon the Twenty-Six Sons of Corrax; Dead! the Shape-Shifter, the Hidden-Malice; Tartarus, thou didst fall with the Burning Light'LARGENONE
TARTARUSHell's grand staircase, rising wanly into the highest points of the caverns.LARGENONE
PITS OF GEHENNAA floating dais rises gracefully above Gehenna's bottomless pits. Watch your step.LARGEDEATH PIT
IMPOSSIBILITYYou've come to a dead end, filled with floating, impossible structures and a fantastical view of Hell.LARGEDEATH PIT
EREBIAN VAULTSTwisted, ancient Hell Trees decorate the labyrinthian corners of the Erebian Vaults.HUGENONE
BAALGAR SHEOLA section of cave network formed beheath the remains of a Titan's rib cage.HUGENONE
CHARON'S KEEPA Keep, part and parcel with obol of the ages; the naulon and porthmeion of the dead.HUGENONE
COCYTUSThe River of wailing. 'Cocytus, named of lamentation loud; Heard on the rueful stream.'LARGENONE
ACHERONThe River of Woe. 'Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.'LARGENONE
PHLEGETHONThe River of Sludge. 'Fierce Phlegethon; Whose waves of toxic slime inflame with rage.'LARGENONE
FOUNDRYA huge space with tons of ledge grabs, jump areas, and a giant pit of molten lava to wash it all down.HUGELAVA
PRISONThis patented open cell design matches the incarceration needs of any offworld research facility.MEDIUMNONE
MOLTEN CATWALKSA medium sized space that continues the UAC tradition of placing acrobatic apparatus above giant vats of deadly molten metal.MEDIUMLAVA
TRANSFER AREAA large multi-story space featuring cantilevered staircases intermixed with wide open sight-lines. Great for parties!LARGEDEATH PIT
CONTAINER STORAGE ALPHAA tall and wide room featuring curved hallways and catwalks. Can you find the secret room?MEDIUMNONE
STORAGEVarious dead ends, climb-ups and drop holes make this module perfect for puzzle or combat gameplay.LARGENONE
RECEIVINGA medium sized space used to receive large shipments from other facilities to sort and ship elsewhere.MEDIUMNONE
CROSSOVER CARGO STATIONStoring and moving around cargo is serious business. Here is where the robots arms meet the heavy cargo containers.LARGENONE
STEAM JUNCTIONSomething has gone awry in this steam venting thermal access corridor. Keep away from open flame.SMALLNONE
WAREHOUSETall ceilings, high catwalks and abandoned cargo trolleys. A useful mix of cover and open lines of fire.LARGENONE
ENGINE ROOMA small room featuring fuel storage for the backup generators and a control panel or two.SMALLNONE
THE GAPDead ends and short hallways, some of the catwalks are under construction. Mind the gap.MEDIUMNONE
SUPERHEATER OVERFLOWThis large transitional space surrounds two superheated molten flows.LARGELAVA
SYSTEMS HUBThis HUB space is often used at the center of a UAC industrial core. Loads of tech gear mixed with wide egress corridors.MEDIUMNONE
SLAG CONTROL DAM #3The Dam was quite a tourist attraction when the facility was built.MEDIUMLAVA
AIRFLOW ENCLOSUREA medium sized space used to circulate air throughout the facility.MEDIUMDEATH PIT
THE VATSMolten slag flows into the vats where it is processed and refined before beginning the thermal cooling process. Let's cook breakfast.HUGEDEATH PIT
COOLANT SUPPORT CHAMBERDesigned for an earlier version of the thermal discharge process, this room is hardly ever flooded with supercooled liquid without warning.MEDIUMNONE
DISODIUM-37 COOLING PITKeep your head and arms inside the railings at all times. Exposure to Disodium-37 may cause dizziness, insomnia and loss of appetite.MEDIUMDISODIUM-37
THE HEATLAMPNicknamed 'The Heatlamp' by prankster engineers, the center charges to 5950 kelvin in under 20 seconds. Largely unused after the accident.MEDIUMNONE
PIPE OVERFLOW RELEASEBefore the advent of the new thermal transfer process, this room was used for spontaneous coolant overflow in the event of a core breach.MEDIUMNONE
MULTILEVEL STORAGEA steam vortex on the lower floor promotes thermal cooling. This maze of catwalks features some tricky dead ends and sweet jumps.LARGENONE
STACKED SLAG COOLING PITAn expansive thermal cooling pit. Lots of room to move, horizontally and vertically.LARGEDEATH PIT
COOLING COREThe underside of a primary power reactor where the cooling rods reside. Some things in here don't react well to bullets.LARGENONE
POWER RELAY MAINTENANCEWhen power relays go bad they're brought here. And we all know that Power Relay 8623 has been very, very bad indeed.LARGENONE
REPAIR BAY 9UAC offers repair bays of varying shapes, sizes and application. This one comes with an optional equipment fire.LARGENONE
COMMAND OVERLOOKA large multi-tiered space with tons of cover opportunities, ample storage, and a comfortable iceberg blue hue.LARGENONE
MOLTEN VATSA huge metal reduction chamber inside a vast space filled with catwalks precariously placed over spinning molten death.HUGEDEATH PIT
ICON OF SINIs this the end? Is this the opening to Hell? Descending staircases? Belief over science, surely it's too wide and vast.LARGENONE
PYRAMID OF DEATHHuge pipes and condenser coils converge on a single space, concentrating enormous amounts of energy here.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR VEGA COREContains termination points for two of VEGA's neural networks. Beware of electric surges.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR LAZARUS BOSS ARENAWarning! Toxin containment failure. Please evacuate the area.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR SIGHT LINESBulletproof glass provides a good sight line, but you'll never get a good shot with all this cover.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR LAZARUS LOADING DOCKRecently cleaned and ready for more cargo.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR CHURCH HALLA quiet place for worship and contemplation.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR ARC FINAL COMBATThis area was designed to test the prototype weapons developed in the Advanced Research Complex.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR HELIX ARENAFight for control of the Helix Stone in the Olivia's secret library.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR SECURITY ZONETake the hallway to the Safety Zone. The lava and early prototype teleporters are for added safety.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR INTRO ARENADo you remember that first dance? You with your brand new shotgun, and the Imp bathed in warning light.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR OFFICE ARENAA series of conference rooms for UAC's office employees. Rumor has it that the Operations Room is under surveilance.LARGENONE
WHITE COLLAR TRAM ARENAThis is the end of the line for this tram.LARGENONE


DEMONIC DOUBLE STAIRCASEWell, there you have it: a demonic, double staircase.LARGENONE
RED OVERWATCHLong staircases wrap around a pair of central security rooms.SMALLDEATH PIT
2 STORY SPIRAL STAIRSA short, spiral staircase. Over an open pit of toxic slime.SMALLSLIME
4 STORY SPIRAL STAIRSA longer spiral staircase. Also over an open pit of toxic slime.SMALLSLIME
6 STORY SPIRAL STAIRSSix stories of stairs winding their way to the top. Above, you guessed it: an open pit of toxic slime.SMALLSLIME


REHEATING FURNACEA huge space with two huge molten mixers. The perfect spot for a weekend picnic.HUGENONE
CLIMBEROne of many large stairwells built for personnel to evacuate in an emergency. This particular space transitions 10 stories.MEDIUMDEATH PIT
CIRCULATION FURNACEWhere molten slag is melted to remove impurities at 1300 degrees. Also a great space to jump around with reckless abandon!LARGEDEATH PIT
REACTOR COREA mammoth space surrounding a powerful Argent Energy ribbon. Ignore your radiation alarms, nothing to be concerned about!MEDIUMDEATH PIT
CASTING CHAMBERAn enormous work area filled with interwoven catwalks positioned above molten casting vats.HUGEDEATH PIT
LOOSE SCREWTall and complex, this room features multiple overlapping catwalks and exits at various heights.LARGEDEATH PIT


CLASSIC T JUNCTIONA standard UAC T-junction hallway.SMALLNONE
SMALL HELL T JUNCTIONThree pathways converge in the burning night. This metaphor is evil.SMALLNONE
SMALL T JUNCTIONA three way corridor providing the much discussed fork in the road. This metaphor is literal.SMALLNONE
DOUBLE CURVEA tall, curved, Y-shaped hallway junction.SMALLNONE
Y SPLITStocky and industrial, a Y-shaped split room.SMALLNONE
T INCLINEA small T-junction with a climb-up.SMALLNONE
HALLWAY TA simple T-junction hallway.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR TWhat's the T? This hallway is so basic.SMALLNONE
WHITE COLLAR T STAIRSThis hallway is feature rich with a T-junction, Martian view and three sets of stairs.SMALLNONE


HELL + CLASSICThis portal will transport you to and from Hell with minimal scarring. Psychological trauma is unfortunately not covered by UAC health care.TINYNONE
INDUSTRIAL + CLASSICSurveys show that using top secret UAC portal technology is preferred 4 to 1 over pulling hidden levers when traveling back to 1993.TINYNONE
PORTAL TO HELLSimulations show that this UAC-patented portal can transport people to and from Hell.TINYNONE
WHITE COLLAR TRANSITIONNeed to connect a white collar hallway to a white collar arena? This connector's got your back.SMALLNONE