Launch Pad

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Launch Players, AI, or DemonPlayers to a Launch_Pad_Destination defined in the properties.


Object: Launch Pad

Category: Gameplay


Disable.pngDisable VolumeDisable the Trigger or Player Blocking Volume.
Enable.pngEnable VolumeEnable the Trigger or Player Blocking Volume.
Delete.pngDeleteDelete the object from the map. An object can't reset, respawn or otherwise reappear for the remainder of the match.
Show.pngMake VisibleMake the volume visible to the player. The volume will be transparent.
Hide.pngMake InvisibleMake the volume invisible to the player. The volume still functions, just can't be seen.
Set_poi.pngSet Point Of InterestApply a POI icon to the object.
Remove_poi.pngClear Points Of InterestRemove any POIs that have been set.
ChangeDestination.pngChange DestinationChange the launch pad's destination. Can be nothing.
ChangeSpeed.pngChange SpeedChange the launch pad's speed.


OnLaunched.pngOn LaunchedWhen a player is launched, send a signal. The launched player is the activator.


NameStringThe name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
SizeXYZ SizeThe dimensions of the object.
Show on StartBooleanIf true, this object will be shown on map start.
ColorRGBThe red, green and blue components of the RGB color value.
DestinationDestination PickerThe destination to launch the player towards.
SpeedIntegerThe speed that is applied to players in units per second.
DestinationDestination PickerThe destination to launch the player towards.
Prefer Low TrajectoryBooleanIf true, the player will be launched along the lowest possibe arc.
Fallback BehaviorEnumIf the launch pad fails to find a proper trajectory due to a missing or obstructed destination, perform the following behavior on the player.
Custom FilterGrid PickerLimits who or what can use this object.

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