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Welcome to The Garden of Eden Creation Kit Wiki

The Garden of Eden Creation Kit™ (GECK) wiki is a community-run site where you'll find everything you need to use the ''The Garden of Eden Creation Kit'' and make mods for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. The GECK wiki is a living online help file for the Garden of Eden Creation Kit that can be edited by anyone. 

Create an account and start contributing -- we have  articles and growing! Please check out the Welcome to the Wiki guide for more information about what we're striving for and how you can help.

The Garden of Eden Creation Kit

The Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK) allows you to edit and create any data for use with Fallout 3. The GECK is used to create game content for Fallout 3. The data is stored in data files that are read by the game. The GECK allows you to create your own areas (towns, dungeons, etc.) and populate them with your own characters, creatures, items, and stories.

Download the Garden of Eden Creation Kit here.

Download the 1.5 Update here.

Download the Garden of Eden Creation Kit for Fallout New Vegas here.

Open the GECK - Start Your Vault Today!

Official Tutorials

Take a tour of the GECK with "My First Vault" Tutorial series, written by the developers at Bethesda Game Studios.  This set of tutorials will take you through every step and skill required to create your very own Vault to share with friends or the online community, complete with example files!

My First Vault Tutorial Series Example Files
1. Bethsoft_Tutorial_GECK_Setup
2. Bethsoft_Tutorial_LayoutExample Layout Plugin
3. Bethsoft_Tutorial_ClutterExample Clutter Plugin
4. Bethsoft_Tutorial_NavmeshExample Navmesh Plugin
5. Bethsoft_Tutorial_NPC_populationExample Enemies Plugin
6. Bethsoft_Tutorial_Non-NPC_populationExample Traps Plugin
7. Bethsoft_Tutorial_LightingExample Lighting Plugin
8. Bethsoft_Tutorial_OptimizationExample Optimization Plugin
9. Bethsoft_Tutorial_Finalize_and_ConnectExample Finalization Plugin
10. Bethsoft_Tutorial_Basic_QuestExample Quest Plugin


The Frequently Asked Questions page has answers to common questions about the GECK and modding in general. For simple questions, this would be the place to start.


Like any miracle of modern technology, the GECK can be complicated and puzzling to use at times, and figuring out how to do something may not be obvious at first glance. The Solutions page is the place to find answers to problems others have posed before they are wiki-fied and converted into their own articles.

Advanced Modding Techniques

As you get the hang of the GECK, you'll probably want to start releasing your mods to share your efforts with others. No doubt you'll also want to use more sophisticated methods to develop, organize, and present your mod. The Advanced Modding Techniques page has articles to improve your style, efficiency, and prowess with the GECK. The GECK is a powerful tool, and is in fact capable of doing things it wasn't even designed to do! The Advanced Modding Techniques page also includes articles on how to get the GECK to do fancy tricks like rolling over or playing dead! Actually, kidding on those last two.

Mod Tools

The GECK is powerful, but not all-powerful. The Mod Tools page has information on other Tools that can help in the modding process, such as programs to manage loaded plugins, or to edit resource files like meshes and textures.

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